Interlaken, Switzerland  |  October 6 to 7, 2017

In the second part of this Switzerland road trip series, we set off to explore the two lakes encompassing Interlaken—Lake Brienz (Brienzersee) and Lake Thun (Thunersee)—and all the towns around those lakes. We also wanted to see the Swiss Alps like Titlis, if time permitted.

As we drove through the mountains from Lucerne to Brienz, we encountered hairpin turns, winding roads that looked off into the Alps, and massive and seemingly neverending tunnels. I never had such an exciting driving experience. We would continuously pull off to the side of the road whenever we came across a magnificent view or an accessible part of the lake. Let's just say there were too many good views to count.

As we pulled into Brienz, we were surprised to find out our Airbnb was literally on the lake. If you walk out the back, you would be in the water. On one side we had a lovely lake view, and on the other side, we could see the town speckled upon the mountain above. Later on the first night, a couple of the guys decided to jump into the freezing lake against their better judgment. I took the video because I wasn't crazy and enjoyed having gonads.

As we made our way closer to Interlaken, the town, I began to notice all these people flying in the sky. I wasn't sure if North Korea was invading or what, but then one of my friends said that Interlaken was a popular destination for paragliders because of the mountains and the valley views. If you plan on heading that way, make sure you do it! We couldn't fit it in our schedule, but I wish we made it work.

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