After years of wanting to study abroad in Europe, I am finally about to carry out one of my life's biggest adventures. I've always said there are three important things in life—family, love, and travel. Luckily, I have the first; now I'm getting the third.

Since my family is German and spent years throughout Western Europe, I decided to study abroad in Germany. More specifically, I will be spending a semester in Mannheim, Germany. Throughout those five months, I will be traveling all over Western—and quite possibly even Eastern—Europe. Enjoy my bucket list and see if there are things you want to do too!

European Bucket List

There are a list of things to do and places to see in Europe that have captivated me. I have been fortunate enough to experience some of them, but I have a long, long ways to go. Before I give you my Europe bucket list, I posted a map of all the countries I have been to. Although I wen to some of those countries (e.g. Germany), I obviously will be going back and exploring more.

1. See the Northern Lights in Norway

2. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

3. Go shopping on Bond Street in London, England

4. Hike through Tyrol, Austria



5. Eat a croissant in Paris, France

6. See the Berlin Wall in Germany

7. Go on a Colosseum Tour in Rome, Italy

8. Visit Pompeii, Italy

9. Visit a Christmas Market in Rothenburg ob de Tauber



10. Get some sunshine in Santorini, Greece

11. Take a photograph of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

12. Take a small boat into the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

13. See the castles in Germany



14. See the flower fields in the Netherlands

15. Go to the top of the Alps in Switzerland

16. Dance in Ibiza, Spain

17. See the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome

18. See the winding river surrounding Bern, Switzerland



19. Wander around Ghent and Bruges, Belgium

20. Visit the hippie town "Freetown Christiania" in Copenhagen, Denmark

21. Take the quintessential picture at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

While I may add a few things to the list, I truly hope I can see and experience all these amazing things Europe has to offer. Starting AUGUST 2, 2017 check here weekly for articles and posts of awesome places as I travel through Benelux and Germany before school, and then all over Europe during the semester. My itinerary of the pre-study abroad trip will be posted in the coming weeks.

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