Schaffhausen, Switzerland  |  September 10, 2017

On the train ride from Mannheim to Zürich, I noticed out the window a breathtaking waterfall—the Rhine Falls in the town of Schaffhausen. On my way home after the trip, I spontaneously made a stop in Schaffhausen to check it out. There I discovered not only a waterfall, but a mesmeric view of the river and quiet, picturesque streets.

Since I only had a few hours until the next train, I wanted to see as much as possible. So I hiked up to Munot, this 16th century fortress at the top of the hill, and got to see some of the views I previously mentioned. Let's just say this was the Switzerland I've always heard about.

As any good tech-savvy tourist I looked for a landmark on Google Maps. I came across a unique Bavarian style house called House to the Great Cage (Haus zum Großen Käfig). I have no idea what that means exactly, but it is cool nonetheless.

The last stop before heading back to Mannheim was to see the infamous Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) waterfall. A few minutes outside is an entrance that costs 5CHF and you can take an elevator all the way down to the base of the waterfall. It is there that you can see how immensely powerful it is. What's really neat is that in the middle of a waterfall is a small strip of land with a lookout platform, and a boat will take you there to have a look.

Quick Tips

  • If you make a stop here by train, keep in mind that the Schaffhausen train station does not have any storage lockers for your luggage. And if you're not staying there at a hotel, you will have to lug your suitcase(s) around with you.

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